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Recruitment Process

Do you have the passion to excel, urge to be creative, a never-ending thirst for knowledge and the desire to grow? Then, Trojan Holding is the right place for you because we focus on building a culture of innovation and breakthrough thinking, which results in value creation. The work environment and corporate culture ensures your personal and professional development along with the overall growth of the organization.

Interview Process

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Interview Tips

An interview is not something you should dread and lose sleep over. Look at it positively, as mutual exchange of information and approach it with enthusiasm and confidence. Based on what we are looking for and from our own experiences, we have put together some interview tips.

Know the real you

We want to know the real you and not information that is present in your resume.

"Tell me about yourself..." This is often the first thing an interviewer asks.

This is a question, which can make even a well-prepared candidate stutter. However, if you keep in mind the fact that the interviewer is asking the question as an icebreaker, or for understanding your thought process you are interested in discussing it is an easy question to answer.

Therefore, you can make the most of this opportunity to summarize your capabilities and skills and position yourself as the best candidate for the vacancy.

Remember that this question can make or break your interview. Therefore, it is important that you do not exaggerate and stick to the truth.

Know the position, company and industry. Before your interview read the job description carefully to figure out how well you qualify for the job. Focus on traits that demonstrate your ability to perform well in the role. It is important that you update yourself with the recent successes of the organization. Familiarize yourself with some of the challenges faced by the industry. This will give you an idea of how to position yourself in terms of offering solutions.


Listening is just as important as answering questions. Therefore, it is important to pay attention, when the interviewer asks a question. If you are not paying attention, then even if you know the appropriate response you will be confining yourself to giving a passable response. Listening well will also give you an opportunity to develop a rapport and engage with the recruiter.

Ask questions

At the end of the interview, you will be given an opportunity to ask questions. Make use of this opportunity by asking insightful questions on the nature of work, what are the important KRA's and how your performance will be measured. On the day of the interview, remember to:

Plan to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early
Dress in a professional manner
Display a positive body language
Give honest and direct answers
Leave all negativity and present a cheerful demeanor. Relax and enjoy the Trojan experience. Think of the interviewer as a team member trying to figure out a solution for a pressing problem.

All the best!


2016 has been a successful year for REA as we would like to take this moment to highlight some of our outstanding achievements.

Our most telling achievement was growth of the company from 1,988 employees reaching 2,502 employees, with an increase of 514 which strengthen REA’s capabilities and capacity to deliver the increase number of our projects.

Reem Emirates Glass division of REA have undertaking major production uplift by successful installation of a new (DGU) Double Glass Unit & Tempering Line facilities; which has enabled the firm to achieve 100% production capacity.

In order to diversify our products lines REG have successfully installed Ceramic Fritting Glass machine to fulfill all printing glass requirements in-house and improve the supply chain cycle on glass products.

Project Handovers in 2016:
Al Jazeera Tower – (Abu Dhabi)
Viceroy Hotel Palm Jumeirah - (Dubai)
City Walk Hotel - (Dubai)
Saraya Towers - (Abu Dhabi)
Zone K - (Abu Dhabi)
Awarded Projects in 2016:
Opera Grand Tower, Emaar – (Dubai)
Vida Residence, Emaar - (Dubai)
Tiara United Towers, Al Wasel/Meras - (Dubai)
Serenia Residences – Banian - (Dubai)
Palm Tower – Nakheel - (Dubai)
Axis Tower – Hansen Façade – (UK)
19 Duncan Street – (Canada)
Current Progress on Ongoing Projects:
98% completion of 2000 Villas - (Al Ain)
95% completion of Akoya Villas - (Dubai)
91 % completion of 3000 Villas - (Al Ain)
82% completion of MBS Crown Plaza – (UK)
71% completion of W Hotel - (Dubai)
66% completion of Seventh Heaven - (Dubai)
64% completion of City of Light – (Abu Dhabi)
60% completion of Ashjar - (Dubai)
57% completion of Serenia - (Dubai)
20% completion of Axis Tower – (UK)
13% completion of JVC (Suites in the SKAI) - (Dubai)
10.00% completion of Palm Tower - (Dubai)
3% completion of Nad Al Sheba- (Dubai)

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